Born on a wheat farm in southwest Oklahoma, Bill's early days were spent around honest, hard-working people. These people knew the meaning of a good piece of dirt and that thunderstorms brought more good than harm.

Bill won his first art competition at eight years of age in a national competition. Since that day there has been no doubt as to what his career would be.

Bill was a campus leader at the University of Oklahoma, served as a graduate assistant in the Art Department, and graduated with honors obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in painting and professional art. He was named "Who's Who in American Colleges", Outstanding Man on Campus, President of Student Body and President of Phi Kappa Alpha, and is in the Alumni Hall of Fame at the University of Oklahoma Arts & Sciences.

After college Bill formed his own company doing illustrations for magazines and advertisements. He then became illustrator for Oklahoma's largest newspaper for five years. While holding this position, his paintings and sculptures were exhibited in art shows and galleries.

Bill has served the communities where he has lived in many capacities, from Mayor and President of the Chamber of Commerce, to Fire Chief. However, the demand for his work warranted a full-time career by 1974. Since then he has devoted all of his time to painting the American West. After receiving over 200 major awards and prizes during his 30 years of experience, Bill was voted one of America's Top 25 Most Popular Artists by gallery owners in 1995, named "Who's Who in American Art", and was designated a member of American Watercolor Society. Bill feels he is just getting started in making a lasting impression on the Western Art field. Bill's paintings have sold in the United States and 20 foreign countries.

Since his childhood days when he climbed on top of the barn to get a better view of a storm cloud or the setting sun, it has seemed necessary to convey the importance of things that cannot not be seen on a computer printout.